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8 March

Why I’m a Feminist

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I was 14 years old in my English class when we were asked to write a response to an article. It was from an education body that were planning on changing the GCSE coursework to exam ratio in reaction to the girls repeatedly outperforming the boys. If I remember correctly, it said some other stuff […]

21 January

Airbrushing Lena Dunham

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OK airbrushing an already stick thin model so their limbs are unrecognisable and plumping their breasts until they would, in reality, live their lives on their back for fear of toppling over, is not a desirable representation of women. The key is variety. An equal representation of all sizes, colours and genders. Although, we must […]

12 January

Guest Blog: Why young girls drink?

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Teen writer Verity Johnson gives her view on why young girls binge drink… “Don’t let the angsty poetry fool you. Teenage girls aren’t that complicated. The metaphors of flowers (hark!), the birds (lark!), are smokescreens. We’re trying to hide the fact that we’re quite simple. Well. When it comes to why we binge drink we […]


  • Stuart Butler- Head of Strategy at Maxus

    Holly is an exceptionally talented individual, offering intelligence, curiosity and a point of view matched with an engaging passion and drive. The people she works with both adore and respect her enormously.

    - Stuart Butler- Head of Strategy at Maxus
  • Seb Ashton – Web Developer, Creator of things

    “During Holly’s time as creative services manager she always carried out her work efficiently. She has been a friendly face within the team and a pleasure to work with. Holly has a strong work ethic and is diligent with every task.”

    - Seb Ashton – Web Developer, Creator of things
  • Wayne Brown – Managing Director at GreyPOSSIBLE

    Holly was a great asset to the agency. She’s has boundless energy and enthusiasm, who over the years at glue Isobar was always very committed to the cause. Holly is also the sort of invaluable employee, who will go above and beyond, and take on a whole host of other roles to make the agency a better place and support other people in the team.

    - Wayne Brown – Managing Director at GreyPOSSIBLE


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I’m a freelance writer and social media strategist. Above, you can browse examples of my work, skills and testimonials. Interested in working with me? Please drop me a line at:

A lover of words, the name of my website ‘All The Words’ covers my passion for writing. There is a blog, a creative writing section and a guest blog to explore.

In my personal blog, the main topics of discussion are normally everyday feminism and the hilarity of being a 27 year old woman. As I began to write about topics concerning everyday feminism and my experiences more and more people privately sent me their thoughts. Most of them were too interesting to keep to myself so I created a guest blog.  The guest blog is a chance for anyone to have their voice heard and develop their own writing style. To be part of it you don’t need to be a writer, just have an opinion or an experience that compels you to write!

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