29 June

What Are You Worth?

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Imagine this, it’s November 4th and your boss calls you into the office ‘Hey there, due to your vagina you won’t be getting paid until January. So you’re working for free and that guy over there – yeah, the one that does the same job – well we’re still going to pay him.” Would you […]

5 May

I’m…you know…Northern, Northern.

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I’m so over pretending insulting me because I’m Northern is ok. Now I’m not talking about the mocking of accents per say. Sometimes, it’s lols and definitely acceptable. There are also times when I’ve been to blame, for example, I now accept (9 years after leaving London) that: A)     Tret is not a word B)     […]

4 May

No fear of failing. A trait of our generation?

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“You get everything you go for!” My amazing Mum is applauding my recent job success. I don’t want to disappoint, so I just bask in her tirade of praise. The truth is I’ve definitely NOT got every job I’ve gone for.  I’ve failed more than I have succeeded yet I’ve never felt like a failure. […]

8 March

Why I’m a Feminist

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I was 14 years old in my English class when we were asked to write a response to an article. It was from an education body that were planning on changing the GCSE coursework to exam ratio in reaction to the girls repeatedly outperforming the boys. If I remember correctly, it said some other stuff […]

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